Edit some Atributes of Zigbee Device

Hi there
Is there an possibility to edit this Attributes of a Zigbee device with ZHA

            "attribute_name": "battery_volt_min_thres",
            "value": 21
          "0x0037": {
            "attribute_name": "battery_volt_thres1",
            "value": 22
          "0x0038": {
            "attribute_name": "battery_volt_thres2",
            "value": 23
          "0x0039": {
            "attribute_name": "battery_volt_thres3",
            "value": 24

The motion sensor is working with a CR2 Battery and I organized me some CR2 Life Akku. The Akkus are working fine but the trigger level vor battery low signal are much to low.
A lifepo Akku is much more ecological than a CR2 Lithium Battery.

My Experience with HA is just 3 Weeks and that’s not much for this powerful tool

Best regards