Edit the split automations and scripts

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could organize our code and also edit it from the ui? I don’t think it’s problematic to just edit the code of something that’s already there. Perhaps the problem is to add a new automation/script because you just can’t tell where to put it. In that case, if there’s an automation.yaml file in the folder where automations are, just add it there. Otherwise just create it. Same thing with scripts.
Well, I am just guessing. Maybe there are some bigger unsolvable problems. But if that’s not the case, it would be handy for advanced users.
Thanks and keep up the great job!

There are a number of options to do this. e.g. the VSCode addon.

Yes, I know. I use VS code externally. I know I can add it as a plugin. But we have an easy editor built into Home Assistant which I personally find very comfortable, as you can quickly edit/create/delete your automations while you are messing around in the configuration tab (you can edit an trigger in the same page, it builds part of the code…).
It’s very cool if you just want to build a quick automation on the go:
Say you want to get a notification today when the door rings because you are waiting for a delivery and you have to go out for a few minutes. Go to config/automations, and in a few clicks you have it done, and you can test it immediately. Then you come back, hit delete and it’s gone.