Edit YAML from certain page (instead of whole dashboard)

I believe it’s only possible now to edit a piece of YAML from a certain widget on your page. The other option is to edit the YAML from the whole dashboard.

It should be great if you just have the option to edit the YAML from a certain page where you click the 3 dots and edit the YAML. So you only see the YAML that is on that page at the moment. Anyone else looking for this feature?

Was thinking the same thing. You got my vote.

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I agree there would be value in this. My concern would be losing the ability to see all the YAML in one spot. If I’m playing with the front end, I’ve been known to just copy that whole page and paste it into a text file for later reference or if I need to back out a change.

Of course there’s no reason we couldn’t have both. But that’s not always how changes get implemented in HA. Often the “old” way is not left as an option, and we’re forced to use the “new” way. I’d hate to see that happen here.