Edit yaml through lovelace?

This could be 1 way. But how to make this user friendly in card. Let’s say I have 1 picture-element card to set times in our bedroom. There could be a dropdown list of entities for the bedroom and we select the entity to set a week timer (all days with 2 daily start/stop moments ie morning evening)below the list. Push button “activate” (this edit the automation.yaml) and display the setup below the activation button.
Is this possible with programming or maybe it is being implemented?

Unfortunately that’s way over my head, so I wouldn’t be able to help you with that. Sorry. I’m not sure there’s a way to directly edit an automation (or any other file) through a Lovelace card. I only know you can use something like input_datetime and reference the resulting entity in the automation to make it dynamic.
On second thought, you could probably use an entity button card to call a script that contains the week timer you’re referencing.

Well it’s over my head aswell:) Is there a possible way I know this community could help out. This would help users (wife husband kids etc) other than the “reprogramming” user in the household.
It’s an open source community but why not more user friendly in the userface? Believe me I love HA and the whole community. It’s amazing to see all the programming, addons, knowledge and ideas. But… userfriendly it’s not

I made a stealth edit at the bottom of my last comment, did you happen to see it? Might fit your use case.

Your wife is dependent on you to edit the timer. This is good, as it is a reason not to throw you out.

Be grateful.

Maybe this would help? https://community.home-assistant.io/t/community-hass-io-add-on-visual-studio-code/107863

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Not a waterproof plan😉

This could be the closest I even came! Will check it out! Thank you all. More inputs in the matter?

You can edit automations and scripts in the ui, I’m not sure where your delay is actually stored at present.

But I think an input select of some sort would do it very well if you are just changing a timer.

So basically you want to control automations better through the UI?

This seems like the most sensible solution. I use an input_number to set the duration of my timers.

You seriously made coffee came out of my nose. I’m gonna make my automation the same way, so i dont get kicked out of my own house :rofl::rofl:

Thats true. My better half is refusing to code anything. Would be nice if the ui would be more like FIBARO Smart Home. Maybe that’s the long plan for HA.

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Tried this. Wife said I will be thrown out together with all my automation crap.


My wife-capable solution is to set timers by a calendar (like Google or better a local webdav calendar) - It’s like:

- alias: 'bathroom_climate_enable'
    - platform: state
      entity_id: calendar.homeassistant_bathroom_climate
      from: 'off'
      to: 'on'

Then just let her manage the timers easily by Google or Outlook.

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Get to it and make the user interface how you want it then. Like you suggested, it’s open source, so you can change it to make it look however you want.

HA doesn’t need to be more like anything.

If you want that look, however, you make it yourself with custom components, scripts and lovelace config.

Do some research on the forums and find other peoples config that you like and apply it to your situation. There are dozens of examples on the forums of highly customized frontends.

I’m not sure I understand, your wife wants to be able to edit when the blinds operate yes ?
Just times and open/closed or more at this time move to x then at this time move to y ? Or is it even at this sun elevation between these azimuth I want this blind to close and similar (but different) for the other blind(s)?
This is doable but fairly screen acreage consuming.
Here is an example of what I use to control my music speakers, but I have similar controls to set light level depending on sun elevation (or declination)
The you just build the cards with the appropriate entities and code up the actions to be dynamic on user input. She will throw you out when you get it finished though.

Finding the correct balance is not easy🤣

That’s a cool solution to the timer. Could be a very useful!

This card would give the control that’s needed.
Well I think the blinds should be timed in groups first. Controlling up/down would be individually.
Nice setup with your speakers.

Will dig into the timer setup more in the weekend and try to figure it out. Haha Maybe first I should create a card that guarantee me not being kicked out.
Thanks everybody! Will update here when I get something that’s gets approved.

In the meanwhile keep ideas rolling. We are many with these wife-obstacle problems🤭