Editing the configuration.yaml file in a virtual environment


I’m an absolute beginner with the Raspberry Pi, Raspbian and Home Assistant, but have successfully managed to follow the site’s tutorials on setting up the Home Assistant as a service in a virtual environment (several times).

My first task is try and add a simple item (like the CPU Speed) to the configuration.yaml file. I’ve tried using the method outlined in the YouTube video BRUH - How to configure Home Assistant, but just can’t seem to locate the configuration file.

Can anyone help me with some instructions to locate this .ymal file in the virtual environment?

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If you’ve used the AIO installer, the configuration.yaml file should be in /home/hass.

if you use the pi installation image for rPi then the file will be in

you edit the file by
sudo vi configuration.yaml


sudo nano configuration.yaml

depending on which editior you’re comfortable with…

Why the pi installation image went with homeassistant instead of hass I have no idea- it means most of the follow along tutorials on pi won’t work. Most frustrating

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When did this change? I installed with the AIO in June and my setup was /home/hass

Dunno.I used this


Hi Dropbear,

I think I understand where I’m going wrong - the folder is hidden (indicated by the period at the beginning of the name). I’ll try looking at this tonight when I get home from work.

Thank you for the link, it almost jumped out at me when I read the instructions again.

Fingers crossed.


Hi all,

First-time installer of Hass on Pi, using the Python Virtual Environment instructions. Home Assistant is up and running, and accessible via the IPaddress:8123 but now I would like to find the mythically and magical configuration.yaml file.

In the installed location /home/pi/homeassistant I wanted to search the contents, so I ran find . -type f > ~/files-all.txt and searched the output without any results. Is this normal?

This image is of the search for configuration.yaml in files-all.txt
yaml not found

I’m happy to be able to answer my own question. Hopefully this will help another beginner like me.

Config directory: /home/pi/.homeassistant

List files

List all files (including hidden)
ls -a

The difference is in the image below:

My question is though. On a first install, should configuration.yaml be an empty file? That was a little surprise considering the introduction card is there, and two things (sun, sensor).