Editor not starting on Chrome/Safari


not sure if linked to update to 2023.8.1, but suddenly editor is somehow not opening but some kind ofwebsite.
On Android devices, it work and also see no error in log.
Uninstall/re-install did not change…

Clear your web browser cache.

yes tried already in safari & chrome but could not see effect, beside that he asks again for login :worried:

anything else I can try?

You could try the Studio Code editor addon instead. It is a much better editor.

thanks, this one works fine even if I still want to understand is HA itself has any damages…

Btw. - does Studio Code also support “comment” marked lines at once?

Yes. Select your block of text and press Ctrl + /

Very strange, even with a fresh install & restoring of backup this happens.
Does no one else have this issue?