Editor suggestions

So, I’ve decided that I need to rename all my switches and lights to more usable names. The current names I have were generated in 0.52 of HA and they are just… terrible. That leads me to my question. What ide/editor do you guys using to do find/replace across multiple files?

Sublime Text (Paid), Atom (Open Source - Free) and Notepad++ (Open Source - Free) can all do that.
I personally use Sublime and Atom, when I’m dealing with local files, depending on preference and taste.

Note: Atom relies on “Electron”, which basically is a Chrome disguised as a native application. This means that it does take a little to start up and consumes more RAM.
Sublime on the other hand is very lightweight and runs truly native.

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vim - but only if you are willing to spend many years learning to use it efficiently.:wink:

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I use Visual Studio Code and it can do that.
But I’ve only been using it for a couple of months.

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I use VS at work for C#, never bothered to check if they had free home versions… Might have to look into this. I already know all the hotkeys.

Love VSCode