EDL21 - Support for Holley DTZ541-ZEBA (meters without electricity_id)


my power meter Holley DTZ541-ZEBA seems to be not supported because it is not sending an electricity_id and is therefore not added. I can supply binary data of the meter and remote access if needed. The serial data is coming from a raspberry pi via ser2net. I have the Holley meter currently running via IP-Symcon (without checking for electricity_id first).

Hi, I successfully connected to Holley DTZ541-ZDCA with tasmota (hichi sensor) and the script from tasmota website for DTZ541 via mqtt into HA.
For Hichi users: You have to connect the sensor with the USB-cable on the top.

I took the script from tasmota website, but I cannot see any values… Is it necessary to configure something else? I can start the tasmota website, i see this Hichi in my mqtt-explorer. But no values…

Can you please describe step by step what to do to get this working? I’m trying for weeks now and i can’t get it working.

Hi Leo,
do you have the same Holley modell?
If yes: You don’t see values on the tasmota website (http://)? I think there are two options:

  • the hichi/tasmota is broken
  • the hichi is not correctly placed on the Holley.

Hi @pyro850 ,
you can find a lot of stuff on youtube etc. If you are German, Simon42.com has a video about this.
Important is, that you can use mqtt, the script for DTZ541 from the tasmota site works.
Kind regards

Hi, I have the same DTZ541-ZDCA and I get the data with the script for the Plane DTZ541.
My problem is, I want to have the kwh usage a Day, but its not in the script, and the DTZ541-ZDBA script for kwh Day does not work.
I can read the data from the display of the power-meter it self, so I know the data is there. Does anyone have an idea?

1,77070100010801ff@1000,Day (Total),kwH,total_day_kwh,4