Efficiently Setting Multiple Z-Wave Devices at Once


Is there a way to send a single command to multiple nodes efficiently? I’m thinking the way an association group on a button works (much much faster than setting each node in HA or using a light group). I’m using the new/beta OpenZWave setup. And to clarify, I can set association groups on devices fine–I’m just looking for a way to get that same fast behavior triggered from a HA automation instead of from a physical device.

By way of example, I have 4 separate z-wave lights that I want to turn on/off as a group. If I have a z-wave button with an association group, it turns the four on or off in ~ 1 second. If I have a light group set to those four, and I turn it on (or if I turn all 4 on in sequence in an automation), it takes 3-10 seconds for the lights to actually turn on.

Thanks for any ideas!


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