EKD Ampere.Storage PRO - Grafana Dashboard

Hi All,

I am running an Ampere.Storage PRO Inverter, which is definitely a SAJ HS2 Series with some minor changes.

After long research I found the Modbus Datamodel and implemented it in telegraf which streams the data into InfluxDB. To visualize the data, I am currently using a Grafana dashboard.

In general, it works pretty good so far. There are a few issues with the Grafana widgets and also the data I am able to get from the inverter.

The issues with the data I currently have is the following:

  1. I don’t see the power consumption of the GRID as well as my premise. There are multiple readings in regard to the power consumption - but readings of the three phases are not consistent:

    This picture shows GRID as well as INVERTER Power over time and all three phases basically following the same route. Which is basically impossible as there are always devices which are connected to a single phase.

  2. Another issue are the readings for the PowerMeter. The inverter provides information about powermeter A and powermeter B.
    PM-A is, according to the data, a single phased PM
    PM-B is, a three phases PM
    In my setup only PM-A is active, but I would assume that PM-B should be active as it is a three-phased system.
    I am wondering if this setting is different in other three phased installations.

So far I got the following Dashboard in Grafana:

My telegraf and Dashboard configuration can be found here:
litronics/EKD_Telegraf_Modbus: This repository contains my Telegraf configuration as well as Grafana Dashboard to visualize Energiekonzepte Deutschland (EKD) Ampere StoragePRO (aka SAJ HS2) inverter. (github.com)

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