Electric Baseboard Thermostats

I am looking for thermostats for baseboard heaters. I am hoping, although not required, that the thermostat will look nice and display outside temp, room temp, set temp, humidity and the current time. Although I am willing to settle for room temp and set temp.

Ideally, the controls will be simple, with up and down arrows. Complex programming can be done via a smart interface.

It’s a cottage, so the power will be turned on and off. Settings can’t get lost during power outages etc.

I am hoping for a somewhat foolproof system, so the internet can not be required, and hopefully, the thermostats will continue to function, at least somewhat when wifi is down.

Since there is a thermostat in each room the price of the thermostats is an issue. There are many rooms and I don’t want to purchase an expensive unit for each room.

The thermostats should mount in existing single gang US wall boxes.

Some rooms currently have two thermostats that I would like to control together.

I have been looking at the following hardware:

https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000044931140.html (Limitations: It does not display outside temp, and can only handle 16amp service)

I figure this could be mounted in the baseboards themselves, or perhaps fit into a wall box.

I figure a thermostat with a built-in relay might be best for reliability, but where multiple units are controlled together, (which may not have dedicated thermostats) perhaps a wifi capable relay could be used?

Any thoughts on the best hardware to achieve this?


Similar here, (minus the power issues), did you ever find a solution for this? :grimacing:

Currently (hah!) have old-school 22A units with a manual knob. Would love to be able to control them smartly!