Electric fireplace

I’m looking for an electric fireplace for my basement. There seems to be only a couple WiFi ones, has anyone integrated any into ha? I’d like to do that

A ‘normal’ one with a Zwave switch sounds like a simple and easy way to achieve this?

I was looking to have more control than just on off. Also, I dont believe a fireplace would turn back on if power was cut off then restored…but thank you

I didn’t think about settings, I’m a moron, sorry :blush:

Perhaps an infrared one, controlled by a broadlink?

no worries:slight_smile:

Yea I think thats how im going to have to go. Kinda surprised on the lack of wifi ones.

I have a harmony hub, Ill justhave to grab another ir blaster I can hopefully position good without being noticed.


I use the broad link IR Blaster, I think it’s around $20. I use that with homeassistant to turn the fireplace on and off I can use the app from the broadlink IR Blaster to change the temperature and stuff like that, I haven’t implemented that into homeassistant yet. The only issue I run into is that the on code and the off code are the exact same, so I can’t set it to just turn itself off unless I know it’s on otherwise it would turn itself on not off. But that’s my personal electric fireplace. You would have a lot more control if the remote control has an on-and-off button, where mine just has power so it toggles the power state

Thanks. I actually just set it up with harmony hub. Harmony acutally had it in its database already so I added that device to that hub, then ran an extra irblaster down right by the fireplace and it only fires from that blaster(had same issue of some times controlling tv). its been working great, home assistant pulled in all the commands also

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I have the same setup. I recommend creating a switch template to easily turn it on and off with IR commands. Personally I am using scripts to turn the device on and off and then using the switch to control it via voice and automation. Ours also only had a “PowerToggle” so I also created an input boolean so I can remember the last state. This way I can turn it on if its off and vice versa, helps so your automation doesn’t accidentally turn it off when it should be on.

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Mine is the same way. Power toggle is the command. And I use my dashboards more than voice so I generally create scripts where possible so I don’t gotta worry about getting outta sync.

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I need to hide the remote from my wife I guess

toss it in a drawer lol

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Haha she’ll find it, my only choice is to purify it with fire.

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