Electric heater control

Hi there! I am new to HA and started my first project. The aim is to control the eletric heaters in our holiday flat. The heaters are very simple. They don’t even have switch. My plan now is, to switch them on/off with a Zigbee switch. To know when to switch them off/on I have connected temperature sensors. Whenever the temperatur falls below a definded value, the heater should be switched on. If the temperature reaches a defined value (which I want to set in the dashboard), the heater should be switched off.

How to bridge the gap between the switches and the sensors? When adding automations for the temp. sensors, I am able to set static values for “Above” and/or “Below”. But I would need to use some dynamic variable here that I am able to adjust using a Card on the dashboard.

Can anyone point me to the right direction? Anyone dome something like this before?


Create an input_number from the menu Configuration / Helpers. You can add to a card to dynamically set your temperature.

You can then use the value of the input_number in your automation trigger. The automation editor will change to yaml when you start to enter the template.

It will look something like this:

above: {{ states('input_number.your_set_temperature') }}

Thank you! That’s at least a start. BUt it seems, ‘below’ and ‘above’ do not accept a input_number as value. Something like a template is needed. Have to dig into that.

Why not to make Generic thermostat?
Generic Thermostat - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)


Nice ! I didn’t know that existed.