Electrical Underfloor Heating Thermostat recommendation with 2nd temp sensor

Anyone have a recommendation for a thermostat (wifi or zigbee or even Zwave) that is HA compatible and can control an electrical UFH mat? For a basement playroom 15sq.m.

P.S currently running my HA via ZHA, on top levels of building, but considering Zwave on basement/garden 2nd HA unit where this UFH is.

NSpanel an option and what else?

Besides the temp reading at eye level where thermostat is positioned, ideally maybe a good idea to have an extra sensor on ground floor level (option), so if thermostat can take a 2nd temp sensor that will be great.
DANFOSS ECtemp Smart thermostat does have this dual sensor, but not seeing anyone have success with HA for this.

Appreciate any suggestions folks.

Hi Gmarkel,

I don’t know where you located but I can recommend this one MH7H-WH/MH7H-EH-广州迈赫姆电子科技有限公司 its Z-Wave based and maybe a bit expensive but six of them have been running in my home assistant installation for five years without any problems. And I know you can add a second temperature sensor. Maybe thats an opinion for you.