Electricity - add parent/child relationship

I would like to be able to select a “parent” for each (energy measuring) device.
Displaying only on “group or device” clutters the screen too much - too mny lines on top of eachother.
I would like to have a stacked graph where each child is displayed within its parent.
The “non measure” on a lower level can then be displayed.

I have 5 levels of energy consumption measuring and it is a real pain to identify where the energy usage is comming from.

Level 1: I have a P1 smart reader and a SolarEdge inverter. So I know what my total consumption and production is. I then have 3 Shelly Pro 4PMs. Level 2: Each 4PM has 4 channels so I can measure my power usage per function or per a specific area in my house. In some rooms I have a Shelly 2.5 build inside the wall so I can measure the energy usage in a specific room. And level 4: I have Shelly Plugs in order to measure one or multiple devices at a time. And Level 5: Some devices measure their own power usage.

You can do this in your dashboard using the Sankey chart.

This can be installed through HACS.

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