Electricity consumption meter integration

I have a device compatible with tuya, to measure the kw/h consumed. From the tuya app, I can correctly see the consumption values, which are saved in the cloud, but I would like to have that information locally, by integrating the device through local-tuya. I have the device id and key. But I don’t figure out how to get the current values (in amperes), kw/h and voltage. If I ask the integration to reveal the values, it only recovers these values: 1: total kw/h consumed since it was configured; 9: zero value; 11: Value False; 12: value False; 13, 14 and 15: Value 0; 16: True value; 19: value ETU9-ILO-WIFI); 104: value 1. However, in the cell phone app, I see the values Current: 9A, Active Power: 0.288 and Voltage 220.0 V.
From the tuya website side, I have all this info: total_forward_energy Integer
phase_a Raw
fault Bitmap
switch_prepayment Boolean
energy_reset Enum
balance_energy Integer
charge_energy Integer
leakage_current Integer
switch Boolean
alarm_set_1 Raw
alarm_set_2 Raw
breaker_number String
But, they don’t tell me which id’s to configure. Clearly, breaker_number is the name (value 19) and total_forward_energy is the total measured consumption (value 1). It seems to me that the values that I have to control are 13, 14 and 15. But, they always come in zero.

More info. If I run this python script:
DEVICEID = “my-device-id”
DEVICEIP = “my-device-ip”
DEVICEKEY = “my-device-key”

d = tinytuya.OutletDevice(DEVICEID, DEVICEIP, DEVICEKEY)
data = d.status()
print(‘get_status() result %r’ % data)

The output is:
get_status() result {‘dps’: {‘1’: 157730, ‘9’: 0, ‘11’: False, ‘12’: False, ‘13’: 0, ‘14’: 0, ‘15’: 0
, ‘16’: True, ‘19’: ‘ETU9-IOT-WIFI’, ‘104’: 1, ‘105’: 5}}
Like the result in the integration.