Electricity Meter Eastron SDM72D-M-2 Modbus connection Elfin EW11


I want to connect the Eastron SDM72D-M-2 via Modbus / RS485 with the Elfin EW11 adapter for Energy monitoring via homeassistant.

How do I have to connect it? Do I need an additional voltage source (for example 5V DC)?

Best regards Henning

This is the connection diagram of the electricity meter. I also wonder which port remains unused (4/5). But my main question is how to connect the external voltage source. Is it possible to use a simple 5V USB interface?

I don’t know this RS485 Adapter but you need to connect the yellow and blue wires to the A/B port of the meter and share G with the black cable from the power source.

I would be interessted in any progress you make as I also have this meter and failed to get any useful information from it :frowning: