Electricity price tariff change from a certain point in time


I find that the input of the electricity tariff price is not executed correctly or inaccurately. On the one hand, I would like to be able to see my electricity consumption but also the price of the last time in the old electricity tariff, but then also the current tariff. This requires that the electricity price of the tariff can be entered or changed from a certain time. For example, I would like to note that a new electricity price of 24 cents/kWh will apply from 06/01/2024. However, it would also be important that if false information has been made in the past, it can then be changed.

I would be happy if this improvement is implemented as soon as possible, because in my opinion it is used by almost everyone.


I’m not sure it’s used by almost everyone or that it’s broken. However, why not just create your own tariff sensor to use with your energy use where you can manipulate it by date or whatever else you feel is needed in your situation? For example, my tariffs change according to time and day of the week so I use this and always have the correct tariff in place:

  - name: "Current Energy Tariff"
    unique_id: e3eb0f96-c83a-41d3-8a01-a6df38895301
    icon: mdi:currency-usd
    unit_of_measurement: "USD/kWh"
    state: >-
      {% set tariff = { "OFFPEAK": 0.11, "MIDPEAK": 0.19, "ONPEAK": 0.27 } %}
      {% set dow = now().strftime('%A') %}

      {% if dow == "Saturday" or dow == "Sunday" %}
        {{ tariff.OFFPEAK }}
      {% else %}
        {% if (now().hour >= 15) and (now().hour <= 19) %}
          {{ tariff.ONPEAK }}
        {% elif (now().hour >= 13) and (now().hour <= 15) %}
          {{ tariff.MIDPEAK }}
        {% else %}
          {{ tariff.OFFPEAK }}
        {% endif %}  
      {% endif %}