Electricity smart-meter optical (IR) port

Dear HA community, thanks for the great 2021.8 release I’m really excited about all the cool energy-related features that comes with it.

Regarding reading data from electricity smart-meters as I understand there’s two ways to read data out-of-the box today with HA:

  1. Using a P1 port (which I don’t have on my smart-meter (Landis & Gyr E230)
  2. Using home assistant “glow”, and counting the LED blinks on the counter

But there’s a 3rd way and I was wondering if somebody already considered working on it (before I do):

On my smart meter I have an optical RX/TX port (see picture), and as I understand this is also something that comes by default on most smart-meters.

This optical serial port can easily be queried for consumption + production metrics, I’ve written some POC a long time ago → GitHub - xens/smartmeter

Now I was wondering how to properly integrate that within HA and I wanted some advice:

  1. Should I use my existing python code and expose these metrics to HA through an intermediate device (raspi, …).
  2. Should I rewrite stuff and leverage ESPhome ?

I’m really new to HA so any pointers / recommendations are welcome :slight_smile:


Hey Romain

Due to the new Energy features starting in 2021.08 I plan to do something similar with the difference of having a Siemens TD-3511 from our energy supplier:


Volkszähler provides some information about this type too: hardware:channels:meters:power:edl-ehz:siemens_td3511 [wiki.volkszaehler.org]

As for the IR-Interface I ordered the following RS232 cable from Ali: Electricity Meter Reading RS232 to Near Infrared Converter Serial Port to Infrared RS232 to IR Meter Meter Reading|Air Conditioner Parts| - AliExpress

I found another option for a USB driven reader at ELV: ELV Bausatz Lesekopf mit USB-Schnittstelle für digitale Zähler USB-IEC | Bausätze | ELV Elektronik

I explicitly wanted to have a RS232 version to be able to use it with simple ESPs like the 8266 (e.g. d1 mini). I plan to use ESPHome and the following integrations, to retrieve data from the smart meter and provide it as sensor to HA:

Maybe this gives you some inputs. Myself I’m still waiting to get my cable delivered, so I haven’t had the chance to really play around with the setup yet.


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Any news here?

There is a very interesting solution in Austria, unfortunately this solution is also limited to Austria

Unfortunately I didn’t really progress here - I wasn’t able to communicate with my energy meter yet :frowning: - however didn’t spend too much time on it yet. I’ll let you know once I may have an update.