Electrolama's CC2652R Stick (zzh) not initialising sometimes (z2m) when rebooting home assistant

Hi All,

I wonder if someone has the same issue… and also I am not sure where to log it as a possible bug.

I have home assistant blue but this was happening with my old Pi4 before that.

I have z2m with Electrolama’s CC2652R. Sometimes, not every time, when I reboot the host, the stick seems not to initialise and I start getting errors in the log indicating that z2m can’t find the stick as per config. The reference in the z2m config file is the device name and not the port, which I had before. Once that happens no subsequent reboots can fix this other than…

  1. When you see the errors in the z2m logs, unplug the stick from the USB and plug it back in
  2. Power off home assistant, unplug from power, reconnect power

zzh is latest firmware and latest z2m version

Any idea whether this is a z2m issue or home assistant issue?