Elelabs USB Adapter with Xiaomi Aqara and Smartthings

Just received my Elelabs USB adapter and added it into Home Assistant (after a complete numpty moment by myself), it appears to be running ok.

I have tried to add 2 different devices to the adapter, both have succesfully connected, however they are both not as they were using Smartthings in terms of how they are seen.

Firstly the Xiaomi Aqara Door/Window Sensor is seen as the following:

entity: switch.lumi_lumisensor_magnetaq2_02048697_1_6
state: off/on
attributes: friendly_name: blablabla

It is not a switch it is a sensor, which was seen in Smartthings as a sensor with Open/Closed and the battery level was one of its attributes

Now the Samsung Smartthings Power plug is seen as the following:

entity: light.centralite_3200sgb_1086fbec_1
state: on/off
min_mireds: 153
max_mireds: 500
friendly_name: CentraLite 3200-Sgb
supported_features: 0

Again this is a switch, not a light :slight_smile: and is not reporting the power usage that it did via Smartthings

Can anyone offer some advice here? The main reason I bought the USB device was because the MQTT bridge between Smartthings and Home Assistant only seems to work from Smartthings to Home Assistant and not the other way. The USB device now allows me to turn things on/off, but they are not much use as the wrong type of device with missing attributes.

Any pointers here most welcome…

what version of home assistant are you running? Make sure you are on 0.71 so you have the latest changes. Sounds like you are not on the latest as the latest just added power usage.

Edit: also battery level is not supported in zha yet we are waiting for it to be developed.

I was on 0.70.0, just updating to 0.70.1 as I type.

Would this make a difference to the devices being discovered as the wrong type?

Update to 0.71 not 0.70.1

No I have a Iris smart plug that shows up as a light instead of a switch but that doesn’t mean I can’t turn it on and off and see the power usage. I think these devices are actually dimming power outlets.

I am not certain about the contact sensor showing up as a switch. I think you may want to consider removing it using zha.remove service and add it back after you update to 0.71 to see if it shows up properly.

Sensor still showing up as switch. So annoying that its not open or closed

does the switch turn on and off based on teh sensor? you can setup a binary sensor template in the meantime if it does. I would also file a bug with as much details as possible too.

So as it is a magnetic sensor, it shows up as a Switch with either on/off.

As it is a sensor it does nothing changing it in HA, it it will allow you to move it off/on regardless. As soon as I break the magnetic sensor (simulating a door opening) it will update home assistant as on or off (off is closed, on is open)

Not an expert at this whole Home Assistant thing, been dabbling for last 2 weeks or so, so not sure how to go about doing a Binary Sensor template


Thats what the Xiaomi Aqara sensor adds into Home Assistant