Elelabs Zigbee Shield / ZHA supported devices / routers

First I would like to thank for this community – excellent work here!

My questions (with bold) concerns Zigbee (ZHA) environment – I sure have googled and even found answers but still I am not so sure - that’s a reason for this post.

My installation is with Raspberry / Hassio (HA 0.84.6) / Elelabs Zigbee Shield (ZHA). Based on Elelabs there is V5 and V6 available – how do I know which firmware I have and can that be updated? I have successfully paired 28 devices:

  1. Many types of Trådfri bulbs
  2. Osram Smart+ plugs
  3. Xiaomi
    a. Aqara temp/hum/ sensors
    b. Waterleak sensors
    c. Door/window sensors

BTW – is there a limit for number of paired devices?

I have seen that some of you have been successful with devices below using: custom_components, new Zha etc. I am not too comfortable with that because lack of knowledge. Still I would like to get working:

  1. Trådfri (two way remote) -> Could not pair
  2. Trådfri remote dimmer -> pairred but just does not do anything
  3. Xiaomi human sensor -> pairred
    a. lux part work
    b. motion sensor does not work
  4. Xiaomi vibration/tilt sensor -> pairred just not work

If I just wait and relax is HA update going to take care of my not working devices?

I think my bulbs and smart plugs are ZLL devices and based on Osram they are not on the way to update to Zigbee 3.0. With Ikea I am not sure? I feel none of those work as router – in ”frontend ” integration ZHA show all devices are paired thru coordinator. So – is there any good suggestion for routers here? Can you use CC2531 with router firmware as a router in ZHA environment, does it work?

I would appreciate any help here!

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Hello @tosion,

regarding the Xiaomi human body sensors I wouldn’t expect anything to happen from @Elelabs side.
I only wanted to use the Elelabs USB Stick with those sensors in the beginning and observed the same behaviour so I went back to the Xiaomi Gateway in July.
@Elelabs was involved in the issue and they just stopped responding an all channels known to me, leaving me without a solution.
Tried to find the issue and possible fixes myself but no success. I followed some ZHA Issues and PRs on GitHub for a while but I stopped that, too.
Since then, the Elelabs USB Stick is just another part of unused hardware around my smart home.

Maybe better go the Zigbee2Mqtt route, I see many people around really using this and the community seems to be pretty active.

My post from July

Thanks eXtatic!

Thanks for a very quick response!

I am basically satisfied with this Elelabs device. Having quite many bulbs, plugs, sensors already in working environment forces me not to change the system too easily. I have other sensors on the way to replace not working Xiaomis.

I have already flashed a CC2531 for Zigbee2Mqtt. I will start another system for my summer cabin mostly for heating, and theft alarm and for lights. Then I can compare the systems.

Anyone has the answers for firmware, number of paired devices and router issue? And sure I would like to hear if those already working solution for my problems will come alive in future updates of HA?

Good, bad and strange news!

Good news is Osram Smart+ motion sensor I just received easily joined the zigbee mesh and works perfectly for me. That will replace that Xiaomi motion sensor which paired but only ”lux”-sensor was working. Elelabs emailed me and they said Xiaomi should also work and I should check the zigbee.db. As working with hassio/hassOS will restrict my option here a lot. But if someone can comment something on database please do so … I see in that file many ”BLOB” – what the heck might that mean?

Another good news is that I got all the Ikea remotes and dimmer working – kind of – because I was able to pair them I think they ended up to same zigbee channel – so I was able to pair the directly to bulbs and smartplugs (Osram Smart+). So I (my wife) can also control them ”locally” and also using automation thru hassio.
BTW – the reason for Osram Smartplugs is that they are rated all the way to -20 C – sometimes when I start heating the temperature is even colder (-30 C). I have not found in EU other zigbee plugs to work in low temperatures …
Bad news is that Osram 4 way smart+ switch did pair (got 7 entities) – somehow it works but seems to work kind of randomly each entity on/off double clicking top right and bottom left buttons – any help here?
Strange is that because I do not use Ikea remotes and dimmer in Hassio I wanted to get rid of them from the system. I used ZHA.remove – they disappeared drom zigbee.db – disappeared from entity list. I stopped hassio and removed them from .storage/ core entity and device registry … After that they still show up after starting the system?? Could it be because they are also paired directly with the devices?
Still I have not found the answer to the limitation of number of devices allowed and to the ”topology” of the mesh? Anyone? I would appreciate?