Elemake Bluetooth door lock

I have this door lock. It is Bluetooth based and works with the tuya app. Trying to figure out how to get it connected with the new Bluetooth integration.


If you figure it out, please let me know! I was looking into buying something like this for my home, but I don’t want to purchase it unless I know that Home Assistant can control it!

Hello. I have an Elemake lock as well, along with the Bluetooth / WiFi hub it came with. It is built on the Tuya IoT platform, which has a Home Assistant integration. You should be able to configure the hub and the lock in the Tuya app, then add the Tuya integration and hub to Home Assistant.
Hope that saves you some effort.

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Curious if anyone ever got one of these no-name Tuya-backed BLE/Wi-Fi locks to work. I’m specifically looking at two models from TheConnectedShop.

Smart Door Lock Slim Fingerprint Door Lock with Mobile App Slim Smart Door Lock – The Connected Shop appears to be BT/BLE, with optional wi-fi bridge. I think this will be the way to go, since there is at least some activity around BLE Tuya integrations.

Smart Door Lock Thin Fingerprint Door Lock with Mobile App Thin Smart Door Lock – The Connected Shop appears to be a Wi-Fi-native lock, and I can’t find even a single mention of someone testing one.

It seems there are a TON of Tuya-software-based smart locks out there. I’ve seen a few mentions of people wanting the integrations