Element Lights

I received 2 cloud based light bulbs that connect via a hub. The bulbs and hub is called Element lights. I was thinking any type of Internet of things should be able to connect to HASS but I’m not able to find a way to do it.

It’s supported under Wink, so there’s a start. It’s ZigBee certified, so if you have a method to see ZigBee devices on your HA setup you should be able to use them.

Thanks for the help. I was wanting to add Wink so now I can justify adding it.
I was looking at the supported products for Wink and ZigBee but can’t seem to find Element\Singled as a support product. How can I verify this before purchasing?


I think you mean Element by Sengled. Look here; if these are the lights you’re talking about, they show compatible hubs on the bottom of the page.

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You rock! I was looking at wink trying to identify what items were compatible.

Do you have or plan to have any Hue lights in your setup? Be advised that if you have Wink connected to your Hue lights they will show up twice if you setup both the Hue and Wink Hubs in HA. So you either have to figure out which ones are the Hue and hide the Wink ones or not set up the Hue hub in HA. I chose the first route because the Hue hub allows for transitions in scripts. If and when you get that far, hit me up. It’s not a big deal but it’s a bit confusing if you didn’t expect it.

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Ok. I finally got a wink hub and got the lights paired with the hub. I see them in HASS but when I add light.gameroom it doesn’t show up in the guy, Any suggestions?

They’re showing up in your States panel?

They were in the states panel. But was able to figure the problem out. Apparently HASS didn’t like the spaces in the name I input into Wink, even though there was an underscore in HASS. Once I removed the space in the name I had given the light in Wink they showed up in the UI.

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I wouldn’t have even thought of this due to my old habit of never using spaces in names of devices - a left over from networking days. LOL

Glad you got this sussed out!