Elexa Dome Siren (DMS01)

After searching with google and through this community There are three posts concerning the wave device. In an attempt to start migrating devices from ST to HA I chose to start with this siren in hopes that I would get more than just the chime and the alarm notifications. I am using a zoom stick attached to HA and I have the dome siren joined to the network but am unable to find or get a working config for any type of notifications.

Any pointers, samples, ideas, etc ??

Did you figure this out yet? I’m also trying to get this to work on HA but through Smartthings since I don’t have a Zstick

My solution was only via SmartThings. You need to login to the developer side and upload the ST package from dome. The instructions are on DOME’s website.

So you’re saying the siren is still connected to your Smartthings hub and you use it on Home Assistant through the Smartthings DTH?

I already have it working just fine with Smartthings but can’t seem to access the zwave controls on HA to select which chime I want it to play.

You are as far as I ever got. I have the z-wave stick but when I first tried I had no success. Life is in the way now with the holidays so when some down time comes I might be able to bang on it again. No guarantees. :frowning:

No worries. Sorry for digging up an old thread, but keep me updated if you ever do get it working the way it should.

It’s really the only thing keeping me from making the switch completely to HA. Right now, with the combo of virtual switches and binary sensors I have both ST and HA working together as a team until ST goes offline lol… Which really isn’t that often anymore so not that big a deal to me.

Thanks again

No worries here either. I started with ST then shortly found HA. The connectivity is mostly via ST to HA with only 1% automation being done in ST. Everything is in HA. The siren even in ST does not do much either. So as sensor/switches need to be replaced I am replacing with things that work primarily with HA which is cheaper than ST supported devices.

Lol I’m the opposite right now with 99% of my automations in ST besides the devices which only work with HA. I use my siren for almost everything from door opening chimes to the mailbox and security so webcore takes care of that perfectly. I agree with the cheaper part though. I just connected some Wyze sensors and wow do they have some great range compared to zwave or zigbee.

I just cannot get the hang of node red for some reason. I think because my brain is now wired to use the simplicity of webcore lol. I wish they could port that over to HA somehow because yaml is so frustrating and hard to keep track of.

The majority of my automations are all in yaml. I still to this day (in has been over a year) that I can not grok Node-Red. All of my holiday lighting this year is using WLED and is controlled by HA. :slight_smile: