Sorry if I intervene with a new topic, I would like some help if possible to configure this module:

to make it compatible on 4Heat servers to manage a boiler with remote control and 4Heat app

Use as tcpserver not mqtt

thanks for the answer, with tcp server I have these default parameters, do I leave everything like this or do I have to change?

this is the original module which unfortunately has an exaggerated cost, I would like to replace it with the EW11, do you think it will be possible?

You need serial config and registers list

are you telling me that it is very difficult to find this data?

You need to find manual pdf at least for registers

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You need send an email for support and ask for modbus registers list

I try even if I think it is very difficult that they release this data to me.

Can I use any other modules instead of the EW11?
The boiler I have to control is a CARINCI ECO POWER which uses this module to remotely connect to the 4heat app.

I also have a cute thermo fireplace, with I think BM250 card, I attach photos.
Has anyone managed to integrate something similar?