Elgato Eve Energy Switch - how to add device into Hassio

I have an Elgato Eve Energy Switch, that i’m currently running in my HomeKit app. I can see that Elgato products won’t work with the Homebridge component but what about now with the HomeKit component. It’s it possible to extract or include entities from that, or did someone succeed by another approach adding this entity to their hassio?

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There’s a couple of threads on integration with Homebridge. I’m using that approach with my Elgato door sensor

I saw that, but I was hoping to avoid the integration with Homebridge due to the usage of the CPU. Hopefully an integration of entities from HomeKit will come in the future. I’ll have a look at the integration with Homebridge. Thank you.

Have you tried the new HomeKit component? Use the same trick of exposing a switch to HomeKit and using the iOS Home app to create an automation to toggle the switch when elgator switch is toggled

I already have the HomeKit component installed, but my HA skills isn’t that good enough to figure out how to “import” entities from the Home app. I can see my switch inside the Home app, but how do I make the control from HA without any entity_id? I can see that the component support switches, remotes etc. but how do I actually make the communication between HA and the home app? 0:)

If you can see the switch in the Home app, then use the trick in my second link (Home automation)

I can’t see the link unless it is this one you are referring to?


AAAAAHHH THANK YOU! Now I understand!

To clear it with my own words:

  • I have to create a “fake” boolean sensor in HA which I include in my homekit.
  • Make an automation in the home app to either turn on the Elgato switch when the fake one is one and vice versa when off.

Thank you robmarkcole! :wink: :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Hello, has anybody had any success with the new HomeKit Controller? We now should be able to pair Homekit devices with Home Assistant, not just expose the ones that we have. I can’t seem to be able to pair my Elgato Energy switches with HA :slight_smile:


Just to follow up did you achieve the automation with a homekit hub or without?

You just simply create an “input Boolean” in your HA, include it to your HomeKit in your configuration file, and make the automation when the Boolean switch is turned on/off in you automation. :sunglasses:

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Got it all working perfect I’m very grateful. Hope you have had a good weekend!

Can you read the power consumption of the Eve Energy in HomeAssistant? I am thinking of buying some Eve Energy Switches and want to create automations based on power consumption.

I don’t have an iPad or an Apple TV, so I couldn’t create automations in the Home App.

But I got it working by doing this:

  1. Created an input boolean switch (following robmarkcole’s approach)
  2. Used the HomeKit component to expose my input boolean to the Home App and EVE for Homekit App
  3. Now I used the EVE for HomeKit iOS app to create rules and scenes as described by @robmarkcole. On and Off must be seperate rules/scenes.
  4. Toggling the input boolean in HomeAssistant toggles the EVE Energy Switch.

Answer to myself: I guess the problem is, that the HomeKit controller support doesn’t support BTLE devices?! So you cannot connect any of the EVE devices to HomeAssistant. And: No, you cannot read power consumption from EVE Energy Switch in HomeAssistant.


The way I have solved this issue.

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