Hassio + Homebridge + Bluetooth Evo Door & Windows Sensor Question

Hi there !!

I have a RPI3 with Hassio 0.89.1. I decided to migrate from homebridge to hassio for several reasons, one of them is because I can get remote access with iOS Home Assistan app.

On the other hand I still mantain running a homebridge box because is the only platform that I can run a custom add-on to connect a bluetooth Elgato Evo Door & Window and Haasio does not still support this device.

My question is, can you think of any way to send sensor status information from Homebridge to Haasio or use Haasio to read sensor status information from Hombridge?

I would appreciate any idea or suggestion.

I have finally found a way to read the status information of a sensor in Hombridge from Hassio.

All the threads I read insisted that this was not prossible, and that it was only prosible in the opposite direction.

The way I solved it is very simple and I hope it will help more people with the same problem.

Just make sure to run Homebridge with the flag “-I”, that way you can access the address http://<homebridge ip>:<homebridge port>/accessories . This request returns the list of accessories in JSON format.

Finally since hassio just use the component RESTful Sensor to create a sensor that reads the specific node of the desired JSON structure.

In my case, with these few lines I am able to read the Evo Door Sensor configured in homebridge:

 - platform: rest
   name: Door
   value_template:  '{{ value_json.accessories[1].services[2].characteristics[1]["value"]}}'
   scan_interval: 5

I hope you find usefull this information.


I have been trying to get this to work, but I cant see the Eve door accessory in homebridge list of accesories. It is in my Homekit account though, is there a particular way to add native accessories to Homebridge?