ELI5 how this is working without configuration


I am a noob who has just installed HA on a RPI2. I previously used SmartThings to control my samsung TV via Google Home but the best I could get was “Turn the TV off”. I would not turn back on. My TV was auto detected by HA and after changing the port to 8001 I can say “turn the TV off” and “Turn the TV on” successfully. On looking at further integrations I can see that I have to set up a google project and “talk to HA” to get commands passed through.

My question is, how is the TV command getting passed through with no Google Home configuration?


Many things are now detected and configured automatically in home assistant.

Samsung TVs are mentioned in the docs here:

I understand the HA autoconfiguration, but I cant see how google home knows to route “turn off the tv” to my HA install. If I say “get me the barometric pressure” it will say “i dont know how to do that” but I have a weather sensor configured in HA. Google assistant seem to work with the TV only.

are you sure that google assistant isn’t bypassing HA and going to the TV? Turn on ‘info’ in your HA logs and watch what happens when you say ‘turn off the tv’. If you see events that fire in HA, then it’s going through HA. You’ll also see what HA does when it gets the event. Then you’ll know.