Eliminate iPhone Battery Level and State?

Badges for my wife’s iPhone (Battery Level and State) appear in the Frontend and I’d like to eliminate them (i.e. the two entities). They don’t update frequently enough to reflect the phone’s current battery level and state so they’re of no use to me.

I don’t know what process acquires this information. I’ve commented out ios: in configuration.yaml but that didn’t do the trick. I deleted .ios.conf and that made the two badges disappear but only until (I think) my wife used the Home Assistant app on her phone and then they returned.

I suspect it may be part of discovery but, after reading the documentation, I still don’t know what service should be ignored (or if I’m even on the right track).

    - what?

I realize I can hide them but that’s just sweeping them under a rug. Is there any way to suppress the production of these two entities? Or are they inextricably tied with the use of the iOS Home Assistant app?

Apparently someone else had the same question and the response was Battery Level and State are created by discovery when it detects the ios app.

I’ve hidden the two sensors but there ought to be a means of instructing discovery to not produce them.

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They come from the icloud component. Yes, they work pretty bad. Based on the updates graphs I have the feeling that they are updated only when you are using the phone and only if you have the HA application installed. But not sure if this is true.