Sensors for iOS devices? Who/what makes them?


for my iOS devices many battery_level and battery_state sensors are created. They are terribly wrong, so Id like to delete them, but I cant find their origin. Are they created automatically by the iOS component, or maybe the iCloud component? they are in the hidden .ios.conf file so I don’t want to edit that (yet)

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They are automatically generated by discovery when it finds the iOS app.

Put them in a group and hide it at start up if or create a default view to replace the Home Tab.

you mean they are created for each iOS device using the HomeAssistant app? I would have hoped they would be created for each device signed into my iCloud account…

any reason they are way off in accuracy for batter level and state? And why the other attributes aren’t sensitized… I found no setting to influence that.

about the groups, no worries there, all familiar.


This is a battery saving method used by apple. This is about location updates but it seems to apply to the other ios sensors too:

ok thanks. cleared that up.
better hide those sensors on a tab out of view ;_) their of no use at all if that inaccurate…