ELK M1 with Home Assistant Cloud

I’ve been running home assistant and a lot of other apps in micro8ks and using haaska for alexa integration. Things have gotten comlex over the years, and fragile. I want to move over to hassio which appears to have add-ons for most fo the app I use. I also would like to move to home assistant cloud, and ditch hasska.

I have an ELK M1 Gold alarm system, which I can access with alexa with my current setup. I understand that home assistant cloud supports alarm system, but without alarm codes.

Anyone using ELK M1 with alexa via home assistant cloud?

thanks for any help.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by Home Assistant cloud, as the point of HASS is to sever the cloud requirement. If you mean HASS with say, Alexa then I can’t really help you as I don’t use Amazon or Google.

I do have an ELK (branded Ness here in 'straya) M1 Gold and the integration is superb. I have the M1XEP running FW 1.3.28, IP connection over to HASS and all sensors update in real time with essentially no lag at all. It’s fast enough that I use the PIRs connected to the M1 to trigger automations in HASS.

Home Assistant Cloud: Home Assistant Cloud - Home Assistant

It’s run by NABU CASA

I current have my own setup on AWS and have a domain, nginx, cert manager, etc. running as deployment on my RPI4 microk8s cluster at home. I can control my ELK M1G (and everything else) via Alexa. Looks like I can control most of my stuff with Home Assistant Cloud, but it says

  • Alarm Control Panel (alarm control panels must not require an arm code)

I was hoping someone has experience with Home Assistant Clound and ELK M1