Email Attachments on IMAP Email Content Component

Would it be possible to receive attachments through the IMAP Email Content component? Specifically I would like to receive a photo attachment (from my alarm system) and display it like a jpg camera and/or send it out in a notification.

Looking for the same. Hopefully someone can assist and provide a solution.

I receive an email alert from my y-cam with a jpg attachment and was hoping I can get HA to extract and display the pic.

Is there any solution for this task?

Beside some “normal” cameras I also have some reolink Argus cameras, they can only send app notifications or emails on motions and the Emails contains a picture attachment.

I will use the “IMAP Email Content” to use the email as a motion sensor, but I also want to use the picture. Finally, on motion some pictures should be sent to telegram.

Hey, the forums suggested this thread when I posted this tonight: Parsing PDF email attachments might be of some use :slight_smile:

Hi I’m looking to do the same as you, although I want to use the attached image for DOODS hopefully! Did you achieve extracting them and if so do you have an example of your code to send the latest image?

I did not found a way using Hass.
Currently my cameras will send Emails to an email-to-Telegram gateway and this way I get the photos in telegram.

Can you please elaborate how this Bot is called? Cannot find anything to it tho… thanks in advance.

There are multiple third-party tools available on the internet, you just need to find the right solution. This software maintains the original folder structure from IMAP files and emails metadata like to, cc, bcc, date-time, subject & attachments. This software also allows saving all pst data to other email file formats like EML, MSG, MBOX, and more. I have used the IMAP Extractor tool when I required the same issue and got an accurate result.

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