Email Frontend Notifications

I’m trying something that seems fairly simple yet I can’t figure it out: Is there a way to get the frontend notifications sent via email? I rarely open the frontend, so I think sending those via email would be more useful that having it just on the frontend.

I have setup email notifications for specific events in automations, but I’m struggling to find a way to send email notifications for anything that would appear in the frontend notifications area. Kind of a “catch all” automation for all the events triggering a frontend notification.

Did a fair bit of googling too but somehow came up empty.

I didn’t dig too deep but I’m sure you could change this to use email as the notify service

I know I’ve seen something similar also… I’ll update if I find it.

Thanks. Someone on Discord suggested trying this other route, which seems a bit simpler. I tweaked it to be an email notification and I’ll test it but hopefully it works as expected: How to push any Persistent Notifications to HA app? - #4 by membersound