Emails from this forum

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I just got this from the forum. I have hundreds of blocked email addresses so does anyone know what the email address would be of the sender if I got one from the forum so that I can check it hasn’t been inadvertently blocked?


The notification I receive are from: noreply _ at_

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Well, neither noreply _ at_ community.home-assistant. io or the domain at_ community.home-assistant. io are blocked.

This is a mystery…

@klogg Just seeing this now. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Strangely I was until about two days ago when it suddenly started sending me email notifications again.

Something you did?
If yes, thanks?
If not, thanks for asking :wink: :slight_smile:

I upgraded Discourse just last night, maybe related?

Well they started reappearing before then…

Anyway, all good now.