Embedded browser in HA to access LAN over Hassio (think of a Citrix App)

Not sure where to put this topic, but here it goes…

I want to have a browser embedded in Hassio.

What’s my objective?
I want to be able to access my LAN websites/services over Hassio. Sort of something like this:

I want to be able to log in into Hassio, click on a tab and have this magical browser within my browser that will let me reach my LAN consoles. No VPN required, no remote desktop required, etc, etc.

Look at it like a browser hosted in my HomeAssistant that is displayed to me over the web, the request from that browser will be coming from the host (homeassistant) so I will be to access my LAN websites/services from this component over the internet.

Why do I want it?
I simply want an easier way to reach some of my consoles over the internet without the hassle of a VPN. Basically being able to do this from any browser just by logging into my HomeAssistant.

Any solutions out there that do this?

I think it might something like this, has anyone tried and being able to display it in a HA tab?

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Check out Organizr.


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Just tried it, kinda neat but very basic. Most of the stuff I use doesn’t have integrations or support IFrame. And I don’t have the skills or energy to use the customized stuff.

The docker from Jlesage/Firefox seems like it does what I want but there’s no armhf (Raspberry Pi) image available, you have to build it. Another reason to get myself a NUC.

But I found a very good option and kinda achieves what I want: Guacamole.

Basically it is an RDP/VNC/SSH gateway that works wonders.
I open Guacamole web page and I get a web version (HTML5) of a remote desktop/putty, once I added my connections I can just double click and I’ll be remoting to it by using my browser. No VPN, no apps, nothing required! Just a browser that supports HTML5.


That looks pretty sweet, I’ll take a look. 2fa is a plus.

I moved from RPi to NUC a couple months ago, it’s so much nicer.

I also need to access my LAN through HA. How do you install GUACAMOLE on HA?

Yes also i am interested on this topic, what are now possible to use it in HA to access de remote PC and is it safe to use RDP inside Ha to connect?

Is this still relevant? I use nabu casa / home assistant cloud to remotely access HA but for some things I would need to access my LAN as well. I can think of two options to do that, either run a web browser in HA/debian or a rdp in HA to access my pc. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I made an add-on based on the container of Jocelyn Lesage:

A lots of improvements were done over the years. I did not try to publish a armhf since he does not publish it himself but it may work. Not sure, if there’s still a lot of interest for armhf nowadays, but I could try to publish it in the add-on version.

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