Embedded Grafana charts in HA lovelace over SSL - still not possible?

There’s been quite a few threads in the past about embedding Grafana charts inside Home Assistant for remote use (over SSL and with Let’s Encrypt addon). It seems like that’s not possible without doing something weird like regularly generating images of the chart and displaying that instead of the real Grafana chart. Or adding some reverse proxy magic?

Is that still true or is there an easier way now? Can anyone point to a nice tutorial for the reverse proxy method to get Grafana embedded charts?

The only way I know of is to visit the Grafana addon web page which sets up authentication. You have to do this every time you want to open the home assistant web page. Not ideal.

Not sure about the addon, but the idea is that, as an iframe is used, Grafana should be accessible from the outside on its own. If https is used for HA, it should be enabled for Grafana as well.