EmberStatus.DELIVERY_FAILED: 102

I recently started receiving this message (see subject) several times a day.
The only remedy is to restart the HA
The log says something about ConnectioPoolLimit=10
Where can this be set?

Or might the Skyconnect be the problem?

Thanks for your help

Hardware: Pi4 with Skyconnect

Core 2023.12.1
Supervisor 2023.11.6
Operating System 11.2
Frontend 20231208.2

Thanks a lot

Not clear from your post where this message is coming from - could be any router in your network. It suggests that you don’t have enough of them and those you have are being overworked.

What exactly do you mean by “don’t have enough of them and those you have are being overworked.”
totally confused now… didn’t change anything on network config
It’s kinda hard to believe that I’m the only one having this issue

Did anything happen at about that time to put extra stress on the Zigbee network?

  • Did you add any extra devices?
  • Did you move any devices?
  • Did the position/orientation of the SkyConnect stick change?
  • Did you write any new automations sending commands to Zigbee devices?
  • Did your wi-fi change channels?
  • Did your neighbour’s wi-fi change channels?
  • Did you add anything to the RPi that could cause power problems (an SSD, for example, or a Bluetooth dongle)
  • Did you move the furniture (not as ridiculous as it sounds!).

I’m thinking that your Zigbee network may have been holding its own until a change in the environment put it under a extra pressure - if a link is weak even moving the furniture can make a difference.

You didn’t actually say whether anything had stopped working.

thanks for your response.
I try to answer your questions as precise as I could.

Yes I added devices (who doesn’t?)
No I didn’t move anything
No SkyConnect stick stayed in Place since Installation
Yes I occasionally write automations
Not sure about the Wifi channels neither mine nor the neighbours
No HW change on RPi device since setup
No furniture movement.

It happens, when I try to switch Lights, they are either not responding or the reaction time is very long.


For reference noticed you posted issue here → EmberStatus.DELIVERY_FAILED: 102 · Issue #106076 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I highly recommend that you start reading and follow all the tips in this other thread to first try to rule out both EMF/EMI/RMI interference and lack of Zigbee Router devices before digging any deeper as those will make troubleshooting much harder, (plus the fact that those combined are the root cause of loads weird and intermittent Zigee problems if not most Zigbee problems, period):


Related topics are also partially covered in ZHA integration docs (but in less detail):




Yup. Lots of good advice there.

It does rather sound as if increased traffic on your network (from extra devices?) is giving your existing routers too much to do.

If you haven’t got them already, two or three “repeater” routers (as recommended in the link provided by @Hedda) may help.

If you have any Zigbee groups, it’s a good idea to avoid them in your automations - messages to them are blasted out to every node in the network, just to make sure every member of the group receives them. Sent quickly by an automation this can cause problems.

If you/your neighbour have your wi-fi channels set to auto, the channel may have changed and may now be causing interference. If you download diagnostics from the Zigbee integration (I’m assuming it is ZHA as you have a SkyConnect) there is an analysis of channel usage at the end. It will look something like:

      "11": 88.70042934643088,
      "12": 82.35373987514762,
      "13": 82.35373987514762,
      "14": 75.96022321405563,
      "15": 84.164247274957,
      "16": 4.15070068297423,
      "17": 7.659755505061292,
      "18": 4.15070068297423,
      "19": 1.5075412082833717,
      "20": 65.26028270288712,
      "21": 4.69985354430736,
      "22": 8.631361812931262,
      "23": 7.659755505061292,
      "24": 2.84844209578687,
      "25": 1.5075412082833717,
      "26": 17.086630587133605

If usage on your channel is very high, you might consider changing.