Emergency reconfiguration

been a hectic couple of days. Tuesday morning, power pole transformer exploded and somehow dumped excess voltage on my phone line which is my back up DSL internet connection. The smoked the phone socket, the BT Home Hub and parts of my UDM PRO switch (and possibly more) are damaged.

The UDM PRO switch runs, but does not communicate with other devices but did not report any errors either. This router uses POE to power the WiFi and a HA Yellow.

After several attempts, I was able to use my 24Port POE switch and a Teltonika router to restore basic functionality.

Currently no vlans, no firewall, no local DNS, new IP addresses, same Wi-Fi SSIDs.

The HA Yellow started and got a new IP address. It connected to and controls the ZHA devices.

Several services need some manual intervention.

e.g. SONOS - delete and it the rediscovered the speakers.

Synology is more of an issue. It used to have a FQDN which was resolved by the UDM PRO. Now the NAS cannot be pinged via the FQDN. The FQDN is needed for the certificate that protects the connection.

Is there a way to add a hostname to HA Yellow?

I tried vi /etc/hosts, but there is no vi command, nor dig, nor nslookup.


That is a really bad day!

The default homeassistant.local is not working?

Attach screen and keyboard to your yellow, and type


after that you will have vi, and possibly nslookup

I can connect to HA Yellow using http://homeassistant.local:8123 . I then open VS Code and type ctrl-P New Terminal.

In the terminal ping is working but nslookup returns not found.


pretty sure HA Yellow does not have a HDMI port.

nslookup & vi aren’t available in the vs code terminal, but i do see them in the terminal & ssh addon terminal. do you have that addon? or are you able to add it?