Emoncms history integration

hi… i have setup the Emoncms history integration, but data do not reach emoncms and i get an error in the log that does ot say or hint me enough as to what is wrong

api_key: *****************************
inputnode: 2000
scan_interval: 60
- sensor.rogalarm_kontor_entre_temperature
- sensor.control_dhw_domestichotwatertanktemperature
- sensor.rogalarm_sovevaerelse_temperature

the url is a vpn ip but when i enter it in browser it do work, i use tailscale vpn and i have also intalled the integration for that and HA do show up in my admin console at tailscale

the error is:

2023-06-22 15:41:29.109 ERROR (SyncWorker_8) [homeassistant.components.emoncms_history] Error saving data ‘{sensor.control_dhw_domestichotwatertanktemperature:54.5}’ to ‘’

admin console screenshot (censored): Imgur: The magic of the Internet

i wonder if the integration is used by anyone since i have reached out a lot but no luck so far
i cant ping out from the HA raspberry pi
[core-ssh ~]$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
— ping statistics —
26 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
[core-ssh ~]$ ping dmi.dk
PING dmi.dk ( 56 data bytes
— dmi.dk ping statistics —
8 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
[core-ssh ~]$
not to the tailscale vpn ip but not the danish weather service either
the raspberry pi is based on the pi image if that is still out there

screenshot of the integration: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You need to install the Tailscale addon, not the integration. See the blue box in the integration documentation: Tailscale - Home Assistant

i know… ie:

This integration DOES NOT make your Home Assistant accessible via Tailscale VPN remotely!

that is not what i want… i want the HA machine to contact another pc via tailscale

Again, that is not what the integration does.

All the integration does is monitor the addon and give you a way of automating turning the connection provided by the addon on or off.

so both integration and add-on is useless in my case ?

ie to create an outgoing connection from the HA machine

i know how to install it on a normal raspberry pi, just not how to do on a HA pi… it has way more than 2 partitions to start with and the login prompt is also different

says to install the add-on to access HA…

that is incoming, but i guess its the same for outgoing

No. The addon provides the connection.

Yes. It is a bi-directional connection.

What you cant do (at the moment) is use the addon as a gateway to your network for other network devices. Only home assistant and its connected devices.

i’m a noop so very confused, and all i wanted was for HA to be able to connect to another machine

HA is located in Denmark and the other machine is located in the UK

but as i understand you i need the add-on ?

for fun i tried to ping a weather service… ie i ssh in to HA then i ask it to ping dmi.dk

nothing happens

turned out that dmi.dk filters pings
dr.dk do not…

and for tailscale it was the userspace networking option i had to disable


seems i spoke to fast…
ie data does not show up in emoncms, time to check the logs again

ended up being my url that i got wrong… it has to end with no slash as that is added by the integration