Emporia plugs (not vue)

Can the Emporia smart plugs, like these on amazon (Amazon.com) be added to the Energy Dashboard? When I search Emporia, all I got were posts related to the Vue. Thanks.

Hi @modernhistorian where you able to get the smart plugs integrated into HomeAssistant? I got the same plugs, and should have done the research before ordering them. (new to home assistant), so newb mistake. thanks

The Vue integration includes the smart plugs. Add it with HACS using this repository


The smart plugs integrate well into the energy dashboard. Use an integration sensor, like so:

- platform: integration
  source: sensor.refrigerator_power
  name: "Refrigerator Energy Total"
  unique_id: refrigerator_energy_total
  unit_prefix: k
  round: 2

The source for this sensor is the emporia one minute sensor, which I renamed as sensor.refrigerator_power. Then on settings>dashboards>energy use the integration sensor as the source for individual devices monitoring. I have eight of these; the only drawback is that the VUE integration does require internet. For whole house and solar monitoring I use the shelly EM3, which does not.

I have found the people here to be very helpful. One tip I would give is to use include files in your configuration.yaml; otherwise, it grows to be unwieldy. Like so:

automation: !include automations.yaml
script: !include scripts.yaml
scene: !include scenes.yaml
switch: !include switches.yaml
template: !include templates.yaml
sensor: !include sensors.yaml
#device_tracker: !include device_trackers.yaml
mqtt: !include mqtt.yaml
#utility_meter: !include utility_meters.yaml
light: !include lights.yaml

I am interested in the plugs. I have a few questions though. 1. Is there an on/off switch created or do onyou need to manually do this on the switch? 2. What is the power on behavior of the plug ie. when the power goes off and comes back on do the plugs come back on?

This supports vue and plugs.

Buy one and see if it fits your needs (they are really cheap) the panel power meters are pretty nice and inexpensive. I have some plugs I am using to turn off vampire loads. I have been using them to try to track down vampire and other loads in my house, in addition to power meters on panel.

I just unplugged a plug on that feeds my desk UPS, commanded on, unplugged, UPS picked up, plugged back in, plug powered back on. (Its bad that my desk is a problem load for energy… lol)


  1. There is a switch created in HA that you can use in automations.
  2. When power comes back on the plug will return to the state it was in when power cut off.

These are reliable devices. Here is a snip showing energy usage of major services for the month of February. The water pump and clothes dryer are ESPHome; the others are Emporia.

Thanks for the quick response.