Empty lists?

Various tables listed under the Settings interface remain empty. For example, if I navigate to Settings → Devices and Services, and select the Device table, it lists “No Data” and no devices are shown. If I select the entities tab, it says the same, but there is a notification towards the top saying “22 entities not shown”.

Similarly, if I navigate to Settings → Automations and Scenes, and I create an automation, it saves OK but the automations table remains empty (“We couldn’t find any automations” is the only table entry).

Is all this normal, or am I missing something?


EDIT: problem was browser plugins I was using. Works fine with a different browser!

Hi Chris

I spent an hour trying to figure out what was wrong. It didn’t strike me, that the browser could be causing this problem. I did indeed update Google Chrome a couple of days ago, but didn’t notice the problem before today.

Firefox renders the lists ok, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for another update of Chrome, which usually runs very well.

Thanks for taking the time to add the EDIT note. Nice gesture :+1:

/Poul Anker