EMQX Password reset

I’m running Home Assistant on hassio, mqtt via the EMQX addon.

Now I forgot my password for the EMQX Dashboard, their documentation is pointing to pwd reset via CLI.

How do I access the EQMX docker container in that setup or might there be an option via env_vars config?

You can run the following from the home assistant terminal ( either via SSH or the terminal add-on web interface ) to access the EMQX container:

docker exec -it $(docker ps --format json | jq -r -c 'select( .Names | contains("emqx")).ID') bash

After that you will be on a bash prompt within the container and can interact with emqx. There is one more wrinkle though, as the binary is not available in the user’s $PATH.

You can run the following to create a new user within the bash prompt you entered above:

/opt/emqx/bin/emqx ctl admins add rescue_user rescue_user_password