Emulated Devices

Would like to see something along the lines of the emulated hue but for devices like TVs, Projectors, Av recievers/Amps. I would like for there to be a way to take a rs232 device and host it on the network for a harmony hub to pick up and install as a ip controllable device. This way we could control things through the harmony and actually see if the devices are on or not in the homeassistant interface.

This feature request sounds kind of weird. Is this what you want?

RS232 -> HA -> emulated device
emulated device -> harmony hub -> fake device
harmony hub -> HA -> fake device

If yes…why?


Its more to control rs232 devices from the logitech harmony remotes…


rs232 projector connected directly to HA so that it can be controlled through HA and also to see the status of the projector if its on… off… lamp hours etc… Some devices have spotty ir so being able to control it direct would make things more reliable. We already have emulated HUE bridge to control lights that are zwave etc using the harmony… why not have a way to control any device using the harmony. Turning it on… off… direction input… stop… start… pause… would be great if it could be done using ip but i guess it could possibly be done using some type of ir reciever that can accept ir commands from the logitech harmony then you could create a generic device on the harmony remote like a tv or something and record your own commands to do things in home assistant. The main point im trying to make is would there be a way to use a ir remote to control rs232 devices or any home automation device.

well the idea of Home Assistant ist that Home Assistant is the Hub and not your Logitech Hub

i get that… my idea is i want the harmony remote to be able to control any device in home assistant… no matter if its rs232 or not… i could just control it from the web page but its nice to have hardware buttons to control some things. Just trying to think outside the box and expand home assistants capabilities.

I have an ir remote that controls anything in HA through automation much like the example.

  - alias: Harmony Pause contextual for activity
    # trigger happens to be from a flic button - could be any valid event
      platform: event
      event_type: flic_click
        button_name: flic_80e4da70bbb1
        click_type: double

yea thats sort of what i mean but im thinking of something more along the lines of a flirc device that can be used to control devices in home assistant.

@Antasp3136 Did you ever make progress on this?

It would be nice to have an “generic” IR device that Logitech Harmony can send commands to. Then that device could call into HA (using a webhook?) to kick off triggers, node-red flows, etc.

That would allow me to use my Logitech remote to automate anything that HA supports.

No I have not… and sounds like Harmony is going to stop working eventually so prob not even worth it now. What id really like to eventually see is someone design a true remote controller ui in love lace that works as well as the harmony app did on ipads and iphones… would be cool to see a ipad case that had some hard buttons that could interface with the homeassistant app… maybe like a bluetooth game controller but instead of being use to play games it will be used to navigate the app or even be used as the tv remote buttons for navigating tv menus and control volume and stuff. Just thinking out loud. It could also be used as some kind of game controller for the ipad or possibly for a tv console or something idk lots of possibilities tho! I think using homeassistant and a ipad or iphone or android is going to be a better option/road to go down rather than getting another remote controller that integrate because who knows when its going to end support again.