Emulated Hue alexa climate not working

I am using the HA generic thermostat, I have included the entity under Emulated Hue. If I make changes in lovelace to the thermostat it shows up in the Alexa app but if I tell Alexa to turn-on or set, Alexa says it appears to be malfunctioning. The set command to a temperature actually works even though Alexa says its malfunctioning but asking alexa to turn on or off does not work. Any ideas.

Any help would be much appreciated.

same here … changing the temperature works fine. Only turning on and off does not.
I am using a broadlink rm 3 mini with SmartIR addon from HACS. The AC shows as thermostate in home assistant where all features work correctly. (even ON/OFF) … when exposing to alexa via hue emulated everthing works but on/off … any help would be appreciated.