Emulated Hue and Alexa enabled device discoverability

Having a smart lock and some routines that are able to open the door, for security reason I made sure the scripts would follow the open command only after ascertaining that somehow I am home, otherwise abort the operation.

To further narrow down the risk of anyone shouting “Alexa, do this or that” from outside, being the smart ass I am, I bought two smart plugs to proxy power to my echo devices so they get killed when i got out and revived when i come back, genius.

But, I noticed that for a short period of time when back the routines based on emulated hue exposed entities would not work,
after some testing I realized that if no echo device is powered on, all the emulated hue entities result as unresponsive to my alexa phone app, which kind of make sense beucase it needs some device connected in my local network to be able to talk to home assistant…

which I acutally I should have, that is my Sonos Ark that is an alexa enabled device, to which i leave powered on but with microphone disabled (for said security reason)

I tried several times to run the discovery command on it but still my Emulated Hue entities will not appear available unless at least one Amazon Echo Dot is powered on…

so is there anything I am missing? is this a limitation of alexa enabled devices in not being able to use them as proxies to HA/local entities?

Yes. Alexa ENABLED devices are NOT Alexa devices. (it’s got the wake code and knows how to pass a command. That’s IT)

gotta find ways to still sell their hardware crap…well cant do much about it, evil corps gonna evil :smiling_face_with_tear:

its particulary frustrating as I tested sending custom media commands to the muted sonos to start alexa automation/routines while the other echo dots are off and they all work…
reason I discovered this is because the Ezviz HA integrations currently does not expose window/door binary sensors but alexa sees them, so got around this and have representation of them in HA by creating helpers exposed via EH that are triggered by alexa routines whe she sees them changing, only that the Ezviz/Alexa/EH/HA sync dies if no echo dot is around :smiling_face_with_tear:
well was fixing the wrong problem, best way is to get hands into the ezviz things and have it expose those sensor rather than having them represented by third party