Emulated hue and Google Home speakers vs Alexa speakers

Hi everyone,

I have been using HA with Google Home speakers for a long time (years), and everyone in the house was used to the delay between speaking a command (turn on dining light) and the action being executed.

Recently I’ve setup an amazon alexa speaker with the emulated hue component. The response time is almost instant, so I guess that this integration in the amazon device sends the commands locally without going to amazon cloud and back.

I’ve read that emulated hue is no longer working with google speakers from 2017, but is there some way to improve the response time (now that the family is used to the faster response of amazon speaker)?

Solved: in case you had the same problem, just follow the local fulfillment as stated in the google assistant component. Still feeling a quicker response with emulated hue on alexa speaker, but now google assistant responses are a bit faster.