Emulated hue entity not exposed errors

I recently migrated from an RPi3 to RPi4 and all looks good except I have a couple of errors in the log that I cannot work out the reason for them.

The errors are:
[homeassistant.components.emulated_hue.hue_api] Entity not exposed: 3
[homeassistant.components.emulated_hue.hue_api] Entity not exposed: 16

Its the 3 and 16 that I’m scratching my head over since I cannot find what they may relate to. I have tried a number of times forgetting all devices in the Alexa app and rediscovering them but to no avail.

Has anyone any suggestions please as to what the numbers 3 and 16 may point to?

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I found the problem after realising that the numbers relate to the entity numbers in the emulated_hue_ids.json file. I had completely forgotten about this file from working with it long ago. Thought I would mention it in case someone else happened to have the same issue.

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I hope it’s ok to resurrect this thread… I have the same issue, but can’t find the emulated_hue_ids.json file.

I set up a new SD-Card wir HAOS and restored an older backup. From that backup, I see 2 renamed emulated_hue_ids.json files which I once kept as backup (adding .bak / .bak2 to the name) - so it seems I’m looking at the right place :smiley:

Do I need to do something manual to trigger creation of the ids file after restoring a backup?

I think you will find the file now is renamed to emulated_hue.ids and is located in the config.storage folder. At least that is how it is with mine now.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, this was really helpful! Found this file in config/.storage

I have the same issue, I have found the file but what do you do with the items not exposed anymore?

Do you delete the whole file, will it be recreated, do you delete the line, but do the number have to stay sequential?