Emulated_hue..great but ugh

So for a while this worked great…very happy with it and still am…if it works.

This might actually be a alexa problem, but i’ve never seen this before before i started using emulated_hue. If i check the http://homeassistant.local/api/pi/lights all the lights are exposed properly. But whenever i add a light in a alexa group, it just keeps adding the wrong light, and you end up with different groups having the same light.

I tried exposing the lights with a different name in emulated_hue, doesn’t matter. It then exhibits the same behaviour with a different light.

I tried to follow a few threads on flushing emulated_hue, but those instructions are fairly old, and i have no emulated_hue file in .storage. Also not keen on unregistering alexa’s, as i imagine i will have to update tens of TTS routines as a result.

Maybe there’s some magic incantation to make alexa really flush everything. Or maybe it’s the philips hue skill i need to re-install? Tips welcome…