Emulated Hue & Harmony Hub

Has anyone been able to get Harmony Hub to recognize the emulated_hue component recently? I’ve tried exposing emulated_hue on both the default port (8300) and 80. With either one, the Harmony app finds the Hue hub but hangs on waiting for someone to “press the button.” I know that should never be the case as the URL used for the button always exists with HA and I can verify that description.xml is present. Wondering if a recent Harmony update has broken this integration.

On Hassbian, HA ver 0.91.4, emulated hue on port 8300.
Harmony Elite, Remote and Hub on ver 4.15.250.

MyHarmony Desktop ver 1.0.308.

Brilliant smart plug (AUS)
Template used for Internet radio station on DLNA speaker.

Both showing and working, so no issues.

Can take around 90-120 seconds for the pairing to complete with MyHarmony desktop app.

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I’m running it as well. No issues. How many devices do you have exposed? I limit my emulated hue because gen 1 hues can only hold 63 devices. You may run into issues with OTHER hardware if you have over 63. The other hardware may have a limit of 63 and if it see’s more, it may silently exception. I know alexa has issues when you have over 63. Alexa also has issues when devices share the same friendly name. Typically I configure new names and turn expose_by_default off for all devices exposed to emulated hue.

Thanks all for the responses! It appears that Harmony pairs with emulated Hue just fine when attempting to do so from a PC. It does not work via the Android app.

Anybody else succeeded to detect the emulated Hue Brdige via the Android ap?

I’m not able to.
Running Hass on Docker
Emulated hue is configured on default port 8300 and host ip is the NAS ip where docker is running, not some docker (internal) ip.

So I guess I’ll try from my PC.
When I run the windows harmony app it asks to connect the Elite remote to the PC. Is that really needed? When configuring via the android app all works fine wirelessly?

sorry to drag up year old threads but I am having this exact issue and can’t resolve it.

I have the hub emulator working as far as I can tell and when I try to connect my harmony hub through either the iOS app or the pc app (I had to dig out an OLD Mac, but it works) I get stuck on the same “press the button” screen.

Any thoughts?

Emulated hue is “always pressing” the button. So if it’s not working you’re most likely having a network issue